Together, Redmer and Izabela Jordanoska gave a small presentation on Open Science practices in the field of linguistics, at the Open Science Meetup Berlin on 8 Sep 2017, organized by Julien Colomb.

Some excerpts:

  • Note that the strict distinction between humanities and sciences is less clear-cut in German, Dutch where both are Wissenschaften (resp. Geistes–, Natur–).
  • Not every branch of humanities can experiment that much: in Classics there is a finite amount of texts.
  • Linguistics has a couple of flipped cq. full-OA publications: Language Science Press for books, the Glossa journal.
  • Ethical concerns: speakers of some (mostly North American) languages don’t want their language spoken outside of their village.
  • Other Open Science problem: not all visualizations of texts are supported in (online) publishing toolkits: like interlinear glosses, for which there is not even an XML standard.

The presentation itself is available upon request.