RDMR Software development
/ˈɾɛt.məɹ ˈkɾoʊ.nə​ˌmɛɪ.əɹ/

I develop front-end software (with an occasional back-end) to help open up your content for a wider audience. Trained as a field linguist, I have learned the local Quechua variant of Charazani, Bolivia, to help the preservation and description of their endangered minority language.

I enjoy the challenge of making any data more transparent, whether that means a clearer interface, new interaction models for present materials or taking away cultural and linguistic barriers for your users. I think online typography should be held to the standards of the centuries of print. I love fin-de-siècle cartographic design.


Twitter: @redmer. E-mail: kronemeijer 🐒 rdmr.eu.

Previous projects

LaTeX classes Going off a publisher’s print stylesheet, I wrote a custom LaTeX class to facilitate automated typesetting. Thesis

XML standard authoring Choosing from BITS and JATS, I made a custom selection to ensure typesetting and conversion fidelity. Brill

Javascript, PHP, Python Starting from an XML glossed Hebrew text, I prototyped a JavaScript Chrome extension to display grammatical information inline. It works via a custom API server. Brill

Design Map combining open and closed-source maps, displaying languages spoken in a wide area around Charazani, Bolivia. Thesis

Design Map combining five open and closed-sources, describing the valley of my field work. Thesis

CSS authoring Working off a print stylesheet, I adapted the markup to work with standard webbrowser. This ensures a singular style for PDF files and online accessed articles. Brill

CSS glosses Linguistic’s glosses pose a small problem in pure-CSS and HTML environments. Custom frameworks allow nicer presentations than HTML tables. Brill

Picture of me A project 25 years in the making, this is me in Θεσσαλονίκη. Further keywords: European politics, LGBT rights, mapping.Life


I wish to convey my gratitude to the people of the Charazani valley who have helped me with my research, gracias a todos que me ayudaron, y usparasunki tukuyman. This website is set in Linux Libertine.


KvK: 6580 1229. IBAN: NL18 BUNQ 2025 4382 14.